Response to “A Reformed Observer”

Hi "A Reformed Observer"- Thanks for writing. You asked: Mr. Adams, I've been lightly aware of your work for a couple of decades, but I've only just now read the Christian Confession of Faith. I ask the following questions because 1) I assume they have been asked before and that you have well-considered answers to … Continue reading Response to “A Reformed Observer”

Is ‘Calvinism’ the Gospel?

One accusation that is often aimed at those of us who believe that all advocates of universal atonement are unregenerate, is that we believe that "Calvinism is the Gospel". Is this true? Let's first define what is meant by 'Calvinism'. The term was first used during John Calvin's lifetime by Roman Catholics, to describe Calvin's … Continue reading Is ‘Calvinism’ the Gospel?

V. Soteriology – The Doctrine of Salvation

By far the most important doctrine taught by Wesley was his gospel. The doctrines examined above are all foundational to this one. The gospel a man believes is that which reveals his heart; it reveals the grounds upon which he is resting for salvation and peace with God. A man can believe many wrong things … Continue reading V. Soteriology – The Doctrine of Salvation