The Doctrine of Reprobation

In 1740, John Wesley published a sermon entitled "Free Grace", in which he attempted to refute the biblical doctrine of Eternal Predestination, and establish the doctrine of Free Will. This sermon is famous in Calvinistic circles because George Whitefield responded to this sermon with A Letter from George Whitefield to the Rev Mr. John Wesley … Continue reading The Doctrine of Reprobation

II. Theology Proper – The Doctrine of God

We have seen that Wesley's Man-centered theology allowed for instruction from God outside of the Bible. Now it is time to examine how this Man-centered theology affected Wesley's view of the most important subjects in the Bible. First and foremost, the Bible is God's revelation of himself to his people. The righteousness and glory of … Continue reading II. Theology Proper – The Doctrine of God

Bill Twisse vs. the Gospel, pt. 1

This article is one I posted to a message board called "theChan". The site has since been reformatted, and this posting deleted. ================================ Response to Bill Twisse On January 19, 2004, a lengthy critique of the Christian Confession of Faith was posted by Bill Twisse. This article will be a response to that critique. All … Continue reading Bill Twisse vs. the Gospel, pt. 1