Justification & Imputation

Justification & Imputation Let's look at the twin doctrines of Justification and Imputation. The Christian Confession of Faith describes imputation in this way: The perfect righteousness that Jesus Christ established is imputed to every one of God's people in time. Because of this imputed righteousness, they are declared blameless before God and reconciled to God. … Continue reading Justification & Imputation

Ken Lokken vs. the Gospel, pt. 1

A few months ago, I had an e-mail exchange with a group of people, led by Anthony Buzzard and Ken Lokken. Ken initiated the exchange. What follows is my first post to that e-mail group. ========== Ken -- What did you mean when you wrote this: "At the appointed time Jesus (that Messiah) was born … Continue reading Ken Lokken vs. the Gospel, pt. 1

The Definition of the Gospel, pt. 1

Before we can expose the enemies of the Gospel, we need to have a definition of the Gospel. This definition will serve as a standard for judging if, and when, a doctrine (and anyone who defends it) is in opposition to the Gospel (Isa 28:17). I subscribe to the Christian Confession of Faith, and it … Continue reading The Definition of the Gospel, pt. 1