II. Theology Proper – The Doctrine of God

We have seen that Wesley's Man-centered theology allowed for instruction from God outside of the Bible. Now it is time to examine how this Man-centered theology affected Wesley's view of the most important subjects in the Bible. First and foremost, the Bible is God's revelation of himself to his people. The righteousness and glory of … Continue reading II. Theology Proper – The Doctrine of God

III. Anthropology – The Doctrine of Man

In the previous section, I described how John Wesley’s theology properly began with the Responsibility of Man as its foundational doctrine, rather than the doctrine of the sovereignty of God, or the divine inspiration of the Bible. In this section, I will show how Wesley constructed an unbiblical view of the nature of Man on … Continue reading III. Anthropology – The Doctrine of Man

APSit190 vs. the Gospel

The verses I posted last week were immediately taken down from biblesupport.com, but a user with the handle "APSit190" responded. He never addressed the verses, of course, just complained about how divisive I was being. Here is my response to him: Hey APSit190: You wrote: “Hi to all and sundry, I'm one of those crazy … Continue reading APSit190 vs. the Gospel

Verses in favor of Free Will?

A couple of months ago, at biblesupport.com (a site that acts as a repository for e-Sword modules, and also has message boards, blogs, etc.) a user named 'DSaw' posted a request for Bible verses in support of free will. He also stated that he wasn't interested in debating, but I'm sure you can guess what … Continue reading Verses in favor of Free Will?