Appendix B: Church & State

Appendix B: The Church & The State Despite his apparent desire to be named as a bishop in America, Wesley did not say very much about the relationship of Church and State. However, he did have some words of criticism for John Calvin’s view of the relationship of Church and State: I dare not insist … Continue reading Appendix B: Church & State

The Church

VI. The Church A. The Church is an entity created by God by the power of the gospel with Jesus Christ as her head and husband, to the praise of the glory of His grace. Wherever the true Church is found, the true gospel is always found. (Psa 2:6) “Yet I have set my King … Continue reading The Church

Phil Johnson vs. The Gospel

Phil Johnson is an associate of John MacArthur, and executive director of MacArthur's ministry, Grace To You. He also has his own website, featuring some of his own essays, and writings by prominent Calvinists like Charles Spurgeon, and R.L. Dabney (Outside The Camp was also listed on his site, on the "Really Bad Theology" page, though … Continue reading Phil Johnson vs. The Gospel