Conclusion — John Wesley’s Influence

To complete this study, let’s examine the influence that Wesley's theology has had on 19th and 20th century Christendom; not only Methodism, but also other Arminians, and even some prominent Calvinists. The Nov/Dec 1986 issue of The Trinity Review, was entitled "Evangelicalism, the Charismatic Movement, and the Race Back to Rome". It carried the notice … Continue reading Conclusion — John Wesley’s Influence

Charles H. Spurgeon vs. the Gospel, pt. 2

Previously, I have looked at how Spurgeon was able to speak peace to Arminians and Catholics, based on his false Gospel. Today, I want to look at Spurgeon's doctrine of Creation. Did you know that Spurgeon advocated the “old Earth” theory of Creation? This quote comes from a sermon entitled “Election”, delivered September 22, 1855: … Continue reading Charles H. Spurgeon vs. the Gospel, pt. 2

Charles H. Spurgeon vs. the Gospel, pt. 1

Charles H. Spurgeon was one of the most popular preachers of his time, indeed of all time. He was at least as popular in his day as Billy Graham is in our day, a fact which should at least be a little troubling to anyone who shares Spurgeon's belief in the doctrines of Grace. Have … Continue reading Charles H. Spurgeon vs. the Gospel, pt. 1

Phil Johnson vs. The Gospel

Phil Johnson is an associate of John MacArthur, and executive director of MacArthur's ministry, Grace To You. He also has his own website, featuring some of his own essays, and writings by prominent Calvinists like Charles Spurgeon, and R.L. Dabney (Outside The Camp was also listed on his site, on the "Really Bad Theology" page, though … Continue reading Phil Johnson vs. The Gospel

John MacArthur vs. the Gospel, pt. 3

Previously, I have written about John MacArthur's promotion of 'Common Grace', which is the doctrine that God blesses people apart from the finished work of Jesus Christ. Of course, that blessing has to be based on something, and predictably, MacArthur teaches that it is based on God's universal love for Mankind: God’s love for mankind … Continue reading John MacArthur vs. the Gospel, pt. 3