The Christian Confession of Faith

___________________ The Christian Confession of Faith Copyright © 2003 by True Gospel Publications\ 2940 Allen Hill Rd. South Royalton, VT 05068 (mailing and e-mail addresses subject to change) Permission is granted to reprint any parts of the Christian Confession of Faith, providing that the citation includes the title of the document and the mailing … Continue reading The Christian Confession of Faith

Mark DeYoung vs. the Gospel, pt. 1

Recently, I had an email discussion with a man named Mark DeYoung, in response to some things I had written to Ken Lokken. This is my response to DeYoung’s first email. ================================ To: Mark DeYoung From: Chris Adams January, 23, 2012 Re: Fw: Demon possesion; a few thoughts Mr. DeYoung -- Well, I have to … Continue reading Mark DeYoung vs. the Gospel, pt. 1